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Almost Homemade Hummus Platter

Updated: Jan 6

If you know anything about the people behind SpiceTopia, you know we love to cook! Outdoor BBQs, special occasion meals, dinner parties, or even a Wednesday evening in, we love to make favorites, try new recipes, and almost always cook from scratch!

But sometimes we need something easy and fast, but still really good! Our Almost Homemade Hummus Platter to the rescue! This is one of those store-bought appetizer hacks that we often turn into a meal! And most of the ingredients come right from the pantry (or the condiment door in the fridge!)!

What Goes on a Hummus Platter?


Start with your favorite store-bought hummus! We find that simple hummus without extra ingredients and flavorings works best.

Spread your hummus across the prettiest plate or platter you have! We really do eat with our eyes first–and even if this is just for you to eat in front of the tv, you deserve to have something something pretty or fancy or something pretty fancy!

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

After you have the hummus spread out, take your spoon and make a few divots! You’ll want these to hold the olive oil. That’s right, next comes Extra Virgin Olive Oil! We love the bite of our Robusto Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but you pick your favorite oil. The Olive Oil creates a satisfying richness that makes that store-bought hummus taste like homemade hummus!

Herbs & Spices

Next, this no-cook treat gets embellished with Sumac and/or Za’atar. Sumac adds a sour salty taste that balances out the richness of the olive oil. Za’atar adds an herbaceousness to this easy hummus platter!


Next, it’s veggie time! We love diced tomatoes and cucumbers, but feel free to use the veggies you have on hand. Shredded carrots and cabbage would work. A nice diced red or green bell pepper would add a delicious crunch. Let your imagination and veggies handy decide what will be on your hummus platter.


Feta is the traditional cheese to eat with feta. Its saltiness is a nice contrast to the hummus and pairs well with Sumac. If you are eating a plant-based diet, feel free to skip the cheese altogether.


Tapenade is a continuation of the Mediterranean flavors that fill this Hummus Platter! With a salty sharp bite, it adds a burst of flavor. We especially love adding Enfuso Tapenade which is made with California Olives from Yolo County and handcrafted by Jon and Anne Yee.

Fresh Herbs

Finish off this plain hummus tub turned fancy hummus platter with a sprinkle or two of fresh herbs. Flat leaf parsley or mint would be traditional, but even celery leaves or cilantro work well to add just a touch of freshness!

And even though every time we make a hummus platter, it turns out a little bit different, we always say “that was the best hummus platter”!

Watch us make a Hummus Platter from start to finish–and listen for that crunch at the end!

And don’t think this has to just be an easy dinner hack for you! This makes a quick easy appetizer when you need to bring something to a party or BBQ! No one will know you didn’t make it from scratch, unless you choose to tell them yourself!

Find Many of the Ingredients in this recipe


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