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Bagna Cauda recipe

All week, we’ve been sharing recipes that work well for afterschool snacks. Today, we are switching it up to a more adult snack--perfect for rewarding yourself for making sure your child made it through the first week of school!

In Northern Italy, there is the wonderful tradition of gathering together after the wine harvest to celebrate around an aromatic pot of Bagna Cauda. With a base of warm olive oil, heaps of garlic, and anchovies, Bagna Cauda is a dip for veggies and bread--lots of bread! Many variations of Bagna Cauda exist--roasted onion, milk, cream, walnut oil, or even butter are sometimes added. A glass of wine is considered the perfect accompaniment to this warm dip, so in honor of Napa Valley’s tradition of wine we’ve created our own version of Bagna Cauda using our Napa Valley Bread Dip!

This warm dip can be served with just about any vegetables. Our favorites are boiled new potatoes, spring onions, roasted beets, blanched cauliflower and broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and steamed artichokes. Dip your veggie and then have a piece of bread handy to catch the dripping oil between the pot and your mouth!

If you’d like to make this vegetarian, the anchovy can be replaced with 1 tablespoon of soy sauce or red miso. And if you need to go all the way vegan or dairy-free, simply leave out the butter!


1 cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (We love the peppery flavor of Arbequina in this recipe)

8 cloves of garlic thinly sliced (or 4 teaspoons of Minced Dehydrated Garlic)

4 anchovy fillets

2 tablespoons of Napa Valley Bread Dip

2 tablespoons of butter


1. Combine the Olive Oil, garlic, and anchovies in a small saucepan over low heat. Keeping the heat as low as possible, allow this mixture to mellow for 20 minutes.

2. Add Napa Valley Bread Dip and let it continue to mellow over low heat for an additional 5 minutes.

3. Remove from heat. Stir in butter until it is fully melted and combined.

4. Pour into a warmed chafing dish or fondue pot. Keep warm with a warming candle.

5. Serve immediately with bread and vegetables for dipping.

If you happen to have any of this amazing dip leftover, feel free to drizzle it over your eggs or even use it as a base for a vinaigrette!


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