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Best Spices, Teas, & Recipes of 2022

This past year, 2022, has been a challenging one! It feels like we have all been struggling with finding a new normal. But through all the ups and downs, cooking and food remain an important source of comfort, inspiration, adventure, and nourishment–both for the body and the soul. Spices and herbs provide the flavors that help make culinary memories stand out.

We are honored to bring you seasonings for the recipes you prepare over and over as well as new recipes to experiment with. Looking over this past year, these are the spices, teas, and recipes you’ve all used the most!

Most Popular Spices of 2022

Most Popular Teas of 2022

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2022

SpiceTopia Most Popular Spices of 2022

Ventura Spice

Ventura Spice was created for the fifth anniversary of SpiceTopia. What started as a post on social media asking “What do you think Ventura tastes like?” turned into a brainstorming session that proved magical! With so many of Ventura's quintessential crops all in one jar, Ventura Spice continues to be our top-selling spice blend! Many customers tell us they can't cook without it!

Ventura spice is great on fish or chicken, roasted veggies, and any potato dish!

Read about The Story of Ventura Spice.

Ventucky Chicken Rub

You all have embraced our newest Ventura Spice, Ventucky Chicken Rub! This Poultry Grilling Rub adds a deep savory flavor to chicken and turkey! And we love hearing what else you are using it on – as a sandwich sprinkle, a burger seasoning, and even added to chili!

Sweet Paprika, Hungarian Paprika, or Smoked Paprika – There is no Paprika Substitute!

You all are crazy about Paprika! SpiceTopia’s Paprika is as flavorful as it is vibrant. Its sweet, earthy, smoky, and fiery flavors add spice and color to a wide variety of dishes such as Beef Stroganoff with Paprika, Chicken Paprika Recipes, sauces, soups, BBQ rubs, sauces, marinades, and rice dishes.


Both Vietnamese and Ceylon Cinnamons fly off our shelves!

Vietnamese Cinnamon is perfect for your favorite cinnamon roll recipe! Its high oil content makes this cinnamon extremely potent and aromatic. Add it to Cinnamon Apple recipes or to your own homemade granola recipe!

Ceylon Cinnamon is a milder cinnamon that pairs well with other spices. Often used in savory dishes like pickles and curries, this cinnamon is the most requested cinnamon at SpiceTopia.

Most Popular Teas of 2022

For many of you, tea is replacing soda or alcohol in your day-to-day routines, and for others, tea is simply a daily or weekly ritual you look forward to. We are always excited to help a new tea lover explore our selection of over 100 teas as well as our extensive collections of tea accessories that make brewing tea enjoyable.

Jasmine Pearl

This special tea is created by hand rolling the very first spring growth of two leaves and a bud into a pearl before infusing it with jasmine flowers. Each pearl takes on the delicious heady fragrance of the jasmine blossom. As the Jasmine Pearls bloom in your cup of tea, the exquisite flavor of the first tea leaves of spring mix with the jasmine fragrance infusing a truly unique cup of tea.

Orange Cream (formerly called Masai Sunset)

Orange Cream Tea is a customer favorite and quite a few of you buy it by the pound! This rooibos tea is caffeine free and naturally sweet. Blended with orange, vanilla, and dehydrated yogurt, this tea brews up creamy and refreshing! Taking us right back to the creamsicles of our childhoods!

Black Chai Tea

Our Chai Black Tea is a strong black tea infused with aromatic Indian spices, including black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom. This is a comforting tea with layers of complex and delicious flavors and is especially suited to drinking latte style with steamed milk and sweetened with honey.

2022 Top Blog Posts

The Best Teas To Make Iced Tea

No matter the weather, our article The Best Teas To Make Iced Tea is visited over and over again! If you’ve missed this article, you’ll want to read it right here:

The Story of Pickling Spice

This blog article has been an unexpected success at SpiceTopiaCooks! This often overlooked spice blend is extremely versatile and has a fascinating history dating back to the very first cookbooks published in the United States.

Creamy White Bean Soup

Not only is this recipe an easy soup recipe, but it's also a pantry recipe that calls for simple ingredients you most likely have on hand right now.

Aloo Gobi

This popular vegan dish has spread throughout India, and it seems every cook has their own version. Our version of Aloo Gobi is easily prepped in the morning or even the night before and then popped in the slow cooker to simmer away all day so it is ready to eat when you come home from a busy day.

Thank you for your support of our little family-owned Spice & Tea shop throughout this past year! Here’s to another year filled with flavor and adventure!

Emily & Eliah


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