Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

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Our Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies is here! Whether you’re looking for luxury gifts for foodies or inexpensive gifts for foodies or something in between, we’ve got you covered with unique gift ideas!

Luxury Gifts For Foodies


The ultimate luxury gift. SpiceScription is for your food-obsessed family and friends. The ones who are always seeking out new flavors! We spend our lives tasting new foods and trying out cooking techniques from around the world. SpiceScription is a monthly subscription box where we share that obsession!

SpiceScription is a unique gift idea for those who love to explore new flavors. It also makes a delicious gift for clients or employees who need to feel appreciated by you each and every month!

Truffle Much? Gift Set

Our Truffle Much Gift Set is a fantastic gift for foodies. Beautifully packed, this gourmet food gift set is full of classic truffle flavor! We gathered up our favorite truffle-infused products and created a gift that will impress even the pickiest of food lovers!

Handcrafted Sea Turtle Teapot

A gorgeous gift for tea lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, or just anyone that needs a daily dose of cuteness! This beautifully handcrafted green Sea Turtle Teapot is shaped like a mama sea turtle carrying her baby on her shell. The pour spout is the sea turtle’s mouth, and the baby sea turtle is the lid! This piece of sea turtle art is not only delightful but also functional!

This teapot holds 33 ounces of tea. Made from ceramic, this is a teapot that will keep tea warm for an extended period of time.

A unique gift for tea lovers!

Ramen Gift Set

Eating really good ramen should feel really special! Our Ramen Gift Set includes a handcrafted Ramen Bowl created with love by our resident potter, Kathy, right here in Ventura County. And we fill that bowl with all things spicy to make the Ramen Head in your life beam with joy! In fact, we guarantee giving this gift will also fill you with joy! Joy all around!

Olive Oil & Balsamic Gift Sets

Gift an elevated entertaining experience with two of our favorite infused California Olive Oils and two of our famous fruit-infused Balsamic Vinegars!

This collection is perfect for adding extra depth and flavor to pasta dishes, marinating chicken and seafood, and creating vibrant salad dressings.

And if dipping crusty bread into really good oil and vinegar is one of your favorite things, be sure to pick a gift set with a locally handcrafted dipping bowl! – We tuck in a bonus packet of our Greek Bread Dip made to add to olive oil and dip away with bread!

Gifts for Tea Lovers

30 Cup Tea Box

Need a gift for tea lovers? Gift a medley of teas from our famous tea wall! With a selection of over 100 loose leaf teas, we’re sure many of the teas in this tea gift box will provide a new tea experience for your loved ones!

Matcha Matcha Matcha Gift Set

Are you looking for a matcha gift idea? This matcha gift set has everything needed to prepare a delicious cup of matcha at home. This SpiceTopia exclusive contains hand-crafted pieces made with love right here in Ventura County and pure Japanese matcha tea. A matcha tea gift set with all of the tools and tea necessary to help one master a contemporary matcha ceremony.

Honey Pot Gift Set

We've had so much fun putting together this gift -- 🐝🐝 A Honey Gift Set for cooks wanting to drizzle honey in tea, add to recipes, or just enjoy by the spoonful! Includes a handcrafted honey pot 🍯 that is beautiful enough to sit out on the kitchen counter and delicious Blue Ridge Raw Honey to fill it!

Gifts for Spice Lovers

Curry Variety Gift Box

Shopping for someone who loves Curry or loves to explore complex flavors? Our Curry Variety Box is full of four very different curry blends from around the world. We tuck in our Curry Formula Card to make recreating a favorite curry recipe easy. From mild to spicy, our Curry Variety Box is a unique gift for curry lovers.

Wide World of SpiceBox

Gift the flavors of the world with our Wide World of SpiceBox! Without leaving home, food can take us around the world! Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a trip around the world with spice blends from Ethiopia, Morocco, China, Thailand, and the U.S. A thoughtful gift for your favorite armchair traveler.

BBQ Experience Gift Box

For the BBQ enthusiasts, give a box full of smoked salts and Earl’s Gone Wild Barbeque Sauce created by Earl himself right here in Ventura! Whether your BBQ lover is into dry rubs or wet marinades, this box will be gladly received!

Hot Sauce Lovers

We have gifts for the hot sauce lovers on your gift list! Whether they are into flavor or heat, our selection of hot sauces will thrill any seeker of spice!

Food Gifts for the Health Enthusiast

Smoothie Boost Box

The gift for those who watch their macros and want only the best for their bodies! A gift box full of superfoods that are all powerhouses of nutrition but are delicious added to oatmeal, smoothies, soups, sauces, and even baked goods! Make your healthy friend happy with the Smoothie Boost Box!

Less Salt More Herbs SpiceBox

Have a loved one who is trying to cut back on salt–it’s hard to add flavor without salt. Less Salt More Herbs SpiceBox is here to make you the gift-giving hero with lots of flavor! Your loved one will think of you every time they cook with this trio of flavorful herb blends!

Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Terroir Maple Toffee

Terroir Chocolates are handcrafted by Kristin and Josh with maple syrup harvested from their grandpa’s maple stand! Not only does the maple flavor come through, but so does the love! A gift for chocolate lovers, teachers, and neighbors.

Deux Crane Chocolate Bars

Made right here in California, these chocolates are created using classic French techniques with Japanese flavors! These special chocolates make a beautiful gift for any chocolate lover. And if you are shopping for a vegan friend or loved one,many of these chocolate bars are vegan!

Stocking Stuffers For Foodies

Watercolor Tea Sticker Pack

Looking for a little something for your favorite tea lover? This tea-lover gift features four hand-painted stickers created by a local art student. Four different stickers representing our customers favorite teas! Packaged in an organza gift bag, this is a gift you’ll be delighted to give.

At SpiceTopia, we have been exploring the world of food for over 30 years and are determined to bring only the best to you and your loved ones! All the gifts we recommend are items we stand behind!


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