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January's SpiceScription Reveal

January’s SpiceScription Box featured spice is Tangerine Hibiscus Rub! This surprising blend brings together tangerine peel, hibiscus flowers, garlic, coriander, black pepper, ginger, cumin, and Sandia chiles to create a blend with tart, citrusy and floral flavors different from any other grilling rub.

It’s always exciting to hear back from our subscribers after they make our recipes. Just days after picking up her box, Judy let us know that the Tangerine Hibiscus Roasted Sweet Potatoes was her favorite recipe! She declared that this recipe is “the best winter dish ever”.

And we couldn’t agree more! This sweet, earthy, and rich recipe is simple, delicious, and perfect for colder evenings when you need something hot and comforting - and still healthy!

Thanks, Judy for sharing your enthusiasm with us–it warms our hearts to hear how our recipes make you happy!

And without further ado, January’s SpiceScription Recipes!

Tangerine Hibiscus Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Tangerine Hibiscus Braised Chicken

Tangerine Hibiscus Red Rice

And as always in addition to the featured spice, we’ve included all the spices needed to create these recipes.

Spices Included in January’s SpiceScription:

And every SpiceScription includes a letter describing this month’s featured spice in depth along with techniques to successfully create your recipes the very first time you make them. And lots of ways to use the featured spice in your everyday cooking!

We love to spoil our SpiceScribers with a little bit of extra! This month, that comes in the form Relax Tea. With the colder winter weather, this herbal tea is the perfect ending to a busy day.

And of course, a bit of swag is always in order! This month we slipped in a magnet created by local art student, Mariya Trone! Depicting Ventura’s beloved Two Trees up in our foothills along with the herbs that grow around the trees, we hope it brings a smile to your face!

What was your favorite recipe or hint in your box this month?!

Not a member of our SpiceScription Family, yet? We’d love to bring a box of new flavors, cooking techniques, and exclusive recipes to your door each month! Sign up now!


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