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March's SpiceScription Reveal

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

March’s SpiceScription Box featured spice is Za’atar! Za’atar is a cherished spice blend found across the Middle Eastern World. As with many spice blends, there are countless versions of Za’atar. We’ve included a Syrian and Jordanian version in this month’s box. We hope you will experiment and try each one.

It’s exciting to hear back from everyone when you make your recipes. This month, we can’t wait to hear which recipe was your favorite!

March’s SpiceScription includes recipe cards for

Homemade Hummus with Za’atar

Sheet Pan Chicken with Lahneh and Za’atar

Za’atar Turmeric Pasta

And as always in addition to the featured spice, we’ve included all the spices needed to create these recipes.

This month those spices included:

We love to spoil you with a little bit of extra! This month, that comes in the form of a bag of our brand-new Italian handmade pasta!

And don’t forget to use the Pasta coupon code offered exclusively to our subscribers good only until the end of this month!

What was your favorite recipe or hint in your box this month?!

Not a member of our SpiceScription Family, yet? We’d love to bring a box of new flavors, cooking techniques, and exclusive recipes to your door each month! Sign up now to make that happen!


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