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September SpiceScription

September’s SpiceScription Box featured spice is Kala Namak with a bonus featured spice of Chaat Masala!

And this month, we have new custom-designed boxes! They are business on the outside!

And party on the inside! What do you think of our new design?

Kala Namak is a salt used throughout Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Pakistan. It has become popular in the United States among vegans who use it to mimic an egg taste.

Chaat Masala is a spice blend based on Kala Namak that is used across India in snack mixes as well as street foods.

We love hearing about your favorite recipes each month, and we’re especially excited to hear how you experiment with the Chaat Masala!

September’s SpiceScription includes recipe cards for

Kala Namak “Nicoise” Potato Salad

Grilled Kala Namak Shrimp

Grilled Kala Namak Asparagus

Salted Lassi

And as always in addition to the featured spice, we’ve included all the spices needed to create these recipes.

This month those spices included:

We love to spoil our subscribers with SpiceTopia Swag! This month that comes in the form of a beautiful SpiceTopia Keychain with the lovely art of Mariya Trone.

What was your favorite recipe or hint in your box this month?!

If you’ve missed out on subscribing to SpiceScription, wait no longer!


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