The Ultimate Ventura Burger!

Updated: Jul 8

We like to call our Ventura Spice "a taste of Ventura in a jar." And so, when we combine Ventura Spice with really good beef and top it with even more Ventura ingredients, the Ultimate Ventura Burger is born!

Our Ultimate Ventura Burger starts with a burger patty seasoned with Ventura Spice and dressed with an avocado lime mash and then topped with bacon. But not just any bacon, bacon that's been glazed with Earl's Gone Wild Pepper Jam.

Glazing bacon? What's that you ask? By simply spreading pepper jelly on the bacon before baking it, that bacon literally turns into candy---crispy, sticky, sweet, salty, and spicy.

Do be sure to keep an eye on your bacon as it can easily burn!


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