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Let us introduce you to a tea practice which will encourage daily self care with a box of premium tea delivered right to your door each month. 

Tea of the Month Box  

Teas as Special As You ! 

Your tea practice should nourish and provide self care.--And that all starts with teas that are grown and processed with the upmost care.


At SpiceTopia, we take great pride in sourcing premium teas. Unlike supermarket tea bags, our teas are whole loose leaf teas providing you with an opportunity to treat yourself to a truly special moment everyday.  

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"Mornings are so much more fun when you have a good a$$ beverage to look forward to and SpiceTopia's tea box is bringing it" Alyssa

"Always Super satisfying sips" Jennifer

"A Cup of Spicetopia's Tea is my Happy Place..." Jane

Tea & Self Care

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Press pause on your day to take a few moments to unwind and relax with a cup of exceptional tea. Brewing a cup of loose leaf tea is the perfect way to turn your attentions away from everyday stresses.  


Indulge as you immerse all your senses in the enjoyment of luxury loose leaf tea. Watch the tea leaves unfurl. Breathe in the scent of your brewing tea. Wrap both your hands around the warm mug. Taste the unique flavor and essence of your premium tea.  

Check In

Check in with how you are feeling. After a few minutes of slowing down with a cup of tea, you’ll be notice that your everyday stressors seem a bit more manageable. 

Included in your box

Each Subscription Box Contains: 

  • 3-4 Different Loose Leaf Teas 

  •  2-4 oz of Tea (Enough for 15-20 Cups of Tea)

  • Tea Self Care Inspiration Card

  • Tea Tasting Notes 

  • Brew Card

  • Treat to Enhance Your Tea Experience

  • Discount for SpiceTopia Virtual Tea Tasting

  • SpiceTopia Swag


Your First Month's Box comes with a Free Tea Infuser and Tea Journal to Record your tea tasting journey.


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"Tea Will Take You There"

Ags Sachs